This week, One Big Switch launched Ireland's first ever Big Bank Switch campaign to help close the Irish Interest Rate gap.  The campaign was launched in Dublin yesterday to help close the significant gap between Irish mortgage interest rates, and the lower average rates in Europe. To achieve this goal, by the end of the year the campaign aims to collect 20,000 Irish consumers ... Read more

The Big Bank Switch 2015.

What is the Big Bank Switch?  The Big Bank Switch Mission The Big Bank Switch aims to use People Power to unlock a Group - Discounted mortgage product, and to help close the Irish Interest Rate gap About the Big Bank  Switch The Big Bank Switch is a campaign that aims to unlock a Group- Discounted mortgage product for Irish Consumers. On average, Irish mortgage holders pay... Read more

Competition - Tell Us How You Feel About Your Water Charges Bill

Irish households have begun to see their water bills hit the mat around the country. The issue of charging for water has been a contentious one for more than a year now so with bills finally arriving we would like to know what consumers are planning to do and how they feel about the charges. We are offering CASH* up to the value of your first bill if you either tag One Big Switch Ireland ... Read more

Where are you on the One Big Switch Painogram

12,000+ Big Energy Switch registrants reported the level of energy bill stress they're facing. 1/3 people reported that they suffer from ‘Fuel Poverty’ of which 18% suffer from ‘severe’ or ‘extreme’ bill stress. This shows us just how much households are struggling to cope with the cost of Energy.  So who are the worst affected?  ... Read more

Energy Affordability Forum

Thanks for registering your insterest in attending the Energy Affordability Forum. Comment below to let us know what you're interested in discussing, suggestions you have or any other feedback on your energy billing life.  Read more

The Big Taxi Report

Today, One Big Switch launched our Big Taxi Report as part of our latest campaign to reduce the cost of taxis in Ireland. The Big Taxi Report is the culmination of the largest ever consumer survey taken on the taxi industry with over 1700+ members sharing their experiences and opinions with us. Some of the key findings of the report include: 64% agreed with Deregulation citing i... Read more

Are you looking forward to Valentine’s Day?

We hope so! Today, we publish our Big Date Night Index which compares the cost of a romantic date across Europe and the news isn’t too bad. On the plus side Ireland slips 3 places to 6th when comparing the average cost of a date night with that of a night on the tiles. We are also thankfully behind France (Europe’s Romantic Capital) and the high cost supremos Denmark and Luxem... Read more

New Mortgage Rules Will Add To The Affordability Squeeze

We are all looking for a place to call our own whether it be to start a family or get out from under out parents nose. However, the cost of mortgages and overall housing affordability is always a significant barrier. House prices have been on the increase lately, especially in urban areas, and mortgages are in high demand but short supply as banks tighten their lending criteria. Unfortunatel... Read more

Ireland ranks 3rd in Europe for the cost of a night out

We’ve all said it! “What the hell happened last night!?” You’re €100 down, the fear is hanging like a dark cloud over an otherwise sunny day and you just looked at your last dialled. It’s ok, we’ve all been there. But where did it all go! One Big Switch, Irelands largest  consumer network, has attempted to shed some light on what exactly ha... Read more

20,000 + Households Use People Power To Help Unlock Special Health Insurance Offers

In another big win for people power, The Big Health Insurance Switch campaign has succeeded in unlocking a cash back offer for health insurance customers in Ireland. The cash back offer has been unlocked by the buying power of the 70,000+ One Big Switch Members base. One Big Switch are delighted to be giving a cash back to our members who […]

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