Back to School Money Saving Tips

If your finances are under pressure, follow our tips below for ways to so save on back-to-school costs: Uniforms can be one of the biggest back to school expenses, and during the year many of these items get lost or misplaced, sewing the names into the labels will save you money in the long run! There are savings to be […]

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 As we’re coming in to summer holidays, we though it might be helpful to share with you some Summer Energy Savings Tips; 1. Switch off at Source: Electronic devices consume even when they’re not in use. That’s why you should either unplug your electronics or switch off power at the source 2. Shop Around: Most consumers pay too much for […]

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Householders to get summer bills respite?

Hard pressed householders might be in for a summer bargain from gas suppliers. The likelihood is that  of Bord Gais Energy  will spark a price war among gas suppliers – or at least offer consumers some new bargain buys. If the gas market follows the pattern of change that followed the deregulation of electricity, it will increase competition between energy […]

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